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Medical equipment is an integral part of any firm that works to provide medical services to their clients. These basically include hospitals, clinics, imaging centers, etcetera. But medical equipment is evolving with time which means that newer technology is coming into play every few months to make the medical procedures better. But one set of medical equipment that has only mildly changed over the years is medical imaging machines.

What does medical imaging means?

Medical imaging deals with making a visual representation of the interior parts of the machine body without having to open it up.

What types of equipment are used for medical imaging?

  • MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging)
  • CT Computed tomography
  • MAMO
  • X-RAY
  • Bone Densometer
  • C-ARM
  • Digital CR/DR
  • Nuclear medicine like PET

As any other classified site, medical imaging classifieds deals with making the parties willing to buy and sell medical products. The types of products sold on the site come from all brands ranging from Philips, GE to Siemens. The logic behind this is the fact that one can get the product to meet the particular demands of their business.

We have various brands sales representatives using our site in order to meet more customers looking for options in medical imaging equipment that they need. With this, they can compare the cost of two equal performing products, with all the additional services being provided and then choose the product that they see as the most suitable for their business.

We as a company sell both new as well as refurbished products. This is the reason why you can get the latest technology at a cheaper rate here. These products come from hospitals and other imaging carters which have already used the product and probably want to get rid of it in order to buy a product from different company or some other reason.

As the product has been used before, the price moves down marginally. This benefits the buyers and as they get the product they need in a fraction of the actual budget they need in order to buy a new product.

For sellers, it empties up the space that was being used by medical imaging equipment that was not being used and also saves them some money to buy the new product that they need in order to replace it or for other work.

If you have a broken product that needs to be discarded, you need not put it away completely. There are several working parts in that machine. You can sell those to people who are in need of the part for repairing some other machine. So even when imaging medical equipment has broken down completely, a seller can still benefit from it by advertising it on Medical imaging classifieds

We provide the latest equipment at a competitive rate so you are ensured to get the best deal when you shop with us. Look at our best sellers and get the devices you need.

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